Let's meet to discuss your furkids' needs. A Meet and Greet is mandatory for all new clients – a chance for you to meet us and for us to get to know your furry family. Click Meet and Greet to get started, and we look forward to meeting you!

FaceTime with your sitter
$0 / 20 m / pet
Due to Covid, we are offering FaceTime Meet and Greets, if you do not need to give us a key for access to your home.
New Client - Meet and Greet
Let's meet. Depending on our schedules, we may not be able to meet with you the same day you request a meet. We always appreciate hearing from you at least 3 days before you travel. This gives all of us time to meet and onboard you and your furkid appropriately. During our federal holiday period, we need at least 10 days notice. 

Select "Book" and make your request.